Global Trade

We are a supplier acting in global market and meeting the requirements of our customers in various cities, countries, and continents.

Ease of Contact

We have many channels that enables our customers to reach us 7/24 whenever they need help or have a new inquiry.


Together with our long term experience based on unique market conditions, our team is enable to adapt any target market.

Keep Update

It is our priority to keep our customers update in every stage of the order, from order confirmation up to final delivery of goods.

Our Product Categories

Lets have a quick look at product categories we offer

Product Categories

The perfect business is only available with a perfect team !

It is never a coincidence to reach the achievement, we believe. Each single process from production to supply chain and customer care must to be managed significantly attentive by a team who is aware of the duty that they assigned. This is the sole reason why HanTrade pay much attention than ever to customer relations which results with happy faces and sustainable business.


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